The projects you see listed here are evidence of my experience and eye for design. All of my posts from PacLease were created independently. I was given a substantial amount of freedom in my Rental Sales role there, and was able to create my own graphics through Canva and display them on the PacLease Texas Store LinkedIn page. I managed this page for a little under a year while I was with PacLease, and I brought the follower count up from zero to 500+ through networking and the creation of eye-catching graphics like the ones you’ll see featured here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to share these with colleagues who may be interested.

Published by Katie Wayles

Highly creative, adaptable and detail-oriented public relations professional whose areas of expertise include corporate communications (blog posting, newsletter drafting and event coordination), professional social media account management and collaborative campaign organization. Proven ability to design and execute public relations campaigns in a highly organized, engaging fashion. Managed LinkedIn, YouTube and Google business pages for PacLease Texas branches, increasing page followers by 550% and engagement by 7.18% through customer service and advertising efforts.

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