PR Writing News Release (1)

Contact: Madison Woods: VP, Communication

Volunteer Action Center Partners with Student Organizations for Razorback Service Umbrella

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(October 30, 2017) – The Volunteer Action Center will combine efforts with various Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at the University of Arkansas to increase knowledge of and participation in volunteer opportunities in NWA. These groups will meet to brainstorm and create events that align with each organization’s like-minded fundraising and volunteering goals. These meetings will lead to informational fairs and combined volunteer networking efforts.

The Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Pantry and the Razorback Food Recovery programs of the VAC will combine efforts with “Full Stomachs, Clean Feet,” an RSO that works with 7hills, The Salvation Army and Tricycle Farms to feed and shelter homeless people in NWA.  Because all three groups look to solve hunger in NWA, their meeting will allow them to coordinate missions and expound upon existing ideals of each organization.

Dream B.I.G., another aspect of the VAC, empowers young women through local mentorship programs. Similarly, the RSO “Big Brothers Big Sisters,” searches for volunteers to mentor young people in NWA. These two groups have similar missions and will combine efforts to recruit volunteers and educate students on local mentorship opportunities.

The VAC Literacy Program will combine their efforts to educate young women and children with the RSO “She’s The First” which raises funds to keep impoverished young women in school both domestically and abroad. The VAC Literacy Program and the STF will additionally collaborate with the College of Education and Health Professions which encourages education students to volunteer in local schools.

Finally, the Student Engagement portion of the VAC looks to recruit regular volunteers. There are many service-based RSOs, including Alpha Phi Omega and the Rotaract Club. In addition to these groups, the religious RSOs encourage volunteering and acts of servitude. By combining efforts of each category with like-minded individuals, the VAC will gain attention and brainstorm ideas, expanding their organization’s reach and influence.

The Volunteer Action Center is a student-run board of individuals dedicated to the servitude of Northwest Arkansas. Programs such as Razorback Food Recovery and the VAC Literacy Program engage students at the University of Arkansas, connecting them with important and local volunteer opportunities.


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